Report: Alex Rodriguez had PEDs injected by Anthony Bosch

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Alex Rodriguez's denial of performance-enhancing drug use is getting more and more tenuous. A report from T.J. Quinn at ESPN states that Rodriguez was personally injected with banned drugs by Anthony Bosch, the proprietor of the Biogenesis of America clinic in Coral Gables, Florida.

Bosch's clinic was outed as a primary funnel through which many professional athletes receive steroids and other PEDs in a report in the Miami New Times released this week. Citing records from the clinic, the New Times claimed that Rodriguez was a consistent customer of Bosch - an allegation A-Rod denied after the story came out.

Now the ESPN story casts doubt on that denial.

The texts, the source said, usually came late at night, telling Anthony Bosch to come to the house. Bosch would then head to the waterfront mansion on Biscayne Bay, through the gate on North Bay Road, to inject performance-enhancing drugs int0 Alex Rodriguez.

Procedures were different, though, sources told "Outside the Lines," for the other athletes who were customers of Bosch's Biogenesis of America clinic in Coral Gables, which Major League Baseball considers the center of a widespread doping operation in South Florida. Those athletes, sources said, relied on intermediaries to transport the performance-enhancing drug regimens Bosch provided.

But for A-Rod, the service was always personal: "Only Tony handled A-Rod," one source told "Outside the Lines."