Francisco Cervelli contradicts statements regarding Biogenesis

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Francisco Cervelli gave conflicting statements on his dealings with Biogenesis. (Al Messerschmidt/Getty Images)

Francisco Cervelli gave conflicting statements on his dealings with Biogenesis. (Al Messerschmidt/Getty Images)

New York Yankees catcher Francisco Cervelli is the latest ball player to speak out against alleged use of performance enhancing drugs after a report surfaced in January that a Miami-based clinic had provided PEDs to a number of professional athletes.

Cervelli had said in past interviews that he met with employees of the clinic, Biogenesis, in 2011 to get advice on how to deal with a broken foot that he suffered during spring training that year and said he only received "suggestions" from Biogenesis. Cervelli claims he did not leave the clinic with any drugs, according to a report from Wallace Matthews of, and said the decision to go there was perhaps out of desperation and to get a second opinion but one that he regrets now because he didn't know a lot about Biogenesis at the time:

"Well, you know, sometimes, when we got injuries we get a little desperate to come back quick, and we always want a second opinion. I went there. At that moment I don't know what kind of clinic it was. So like I said, I take my responsibility. Nobody put a gun to my head to go there, so that's it."

But he offered up new insight on Wednesday into his dealings with the clinic, saying that he met with Anthony Bosch, who heads up Biogenesis, and did in fact purchase supplements from the clinic but remains steadfast that the products were not on the list of MLBs banned substances.

"I've been with the Yankees for 10 years already, and this was my dream from day one, to be a starting catcher," Cervelli said.  "I'm here just doing what I know, having fun, doing things right, and they'll decide what they have to do. I know my situation right now. No distractions; I just came here to play baseball."

Cervelli said he stands by the statement he released on Twitter earlier this month in the wake of the January report from the Miami New Times in which several MLB players were named as having visited Biogenesis. When asked Wednesday by the press if he had been offered PEDs, he said, "I don't use that stuff."

"Look at me," Cervelli said, indicating his wiry physique. "You check the numbers. I know it doesn't matter, but if you check the numbers and everything, I don't use that stuff."