Dolphins to use Ryan Tannehill in read-option offense in 2013

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The Miami Dolphins, trying to spark their stagnant offense, plan to try quarterback Ryan Tannehill in a read-option scheme during the 2013 season, reports's Jamey Eisenberg.

The zone read has become the latest trend in offenses. Last season, Washington's Robert Griffin III and San Francisco's Colin Kaepernick excelled in the scheme, and its use is expected to continue to grow. Philadelphia, with new coach Chip Kelly, and others copying the success of Washington and San Francisco are likely to integrate the look into their playbooks.

Tannehill has the athleticism needed for the scheme to work. He played wide receiver for the first two years at Texas A&M and could be a threat running.

But he doesn't have the experience running the ball that others have and may not be the ideal fit. During his last year at Texas A&M, Tannehill ran 58 times for 306 yards. Griffin III ran 179 times for 699 yards and Kaepernick ran 173 times for 1,206 yards in their final seasons in college.

Tannehill, the eighth pick in last year's draft, started all 16 games as a rookie. He completed 58 percent of his passes and threw for 3,294 yards. He also tossed 12 touchdowns (versus 13 interceptions). He ran 49 times.