By Kimie Bunyasaranand
February 28, 2013

Utah's athletic director Chris Hill announced that the school had suspended swim coach Greg Winslow, reports ESPN. Winslow was accused of sexually abusing under-aged female swimmers. Hill says he was unaware of the accusations until Wednesday night. No charges have been filed yet, but Hill says he believes the allegations are enough to warrant a suspension until additional investigation is conducted.

In a statement to Concussion Inc., which first reported the allegations, Winslow said, "These are extremely serious allegations, and if I am accused, I will certainly respond."

An alleged victim was identified in a swimming community blog, according to Swimming World:

The allegations claim that abuse happened in a locked coach's office by Winslow while he was a coach at Sun Devil Aquatics on the campus of Arizona State University when the alleged victim was 15, and continued to take place "over a period of at least two years."

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