By Brian Kotloff
March 03, 2013

LeBron James responded to Magic Johnson's $1-million offer to participate in the NBA's Slam Dunk Contest with a simple answer: "Tell him I'll get back to him," he told ESPN's Lisa Salters before Sunday's Heat-Knicks game in New York.

And while Johnson's offer, made during ESPN's pregame telecast on Friday, gives him added incentive to participate, James said he thinks about participating every year.

The three-time MVP has also already turned down large cash offers from sponsors to participate in the past, according to's Brian Windhorst.

Public pressure for James to take part in the dunk contest has mounted each year and reached a peak recently, as his pregame dunk routine has spawned viral videos after he said he was "very close" to participating in Houston last month.

“I was very close,” he said. “I was very close to getting into the dunk contest, man. For me, I’ve always been an in-game dunker, man. When you’ve got to be in the dunk contest, you’ve got to be creative, figure out ways to do something that no one has done in the dunk contest. I couldn’t figure that out. I couldn’t figure that out. I was entertained by being in the three-point contest, too.”

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