Tigers minor leaguer linked to Biogenesis suspended 100 games

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Detroit Tigers minor leaguer Cesar Carrillo was suspended 100 games on Friday for his connection to Biogenesis, according to multiple reports.

Sources told ESPN's T.J. Quinn that Carrillo was served with two separate suspensions from MLB. The first 50-game suspension for appearing in the Biogenesis documents and another 50-game suspension for lying to MLB about knowing Biogenesis clinic owner, Tony Bosch.

Carrillo is not protected by the player's union because of his status as a minor leaguer and according to Quinn, MLB decided to come down hard on the right-handed pitcher. Carrillo, a University of Miami alum, was drafted in 2005 by the San Diego Padres with the 18th overall pick. Carrillo is the first player connected with the Biogenesis clinic to receive discipline from MLB.