Report: NFL considering changes to Pro Bowl

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NFL is considering the changes to the Pro Bowl. (Scott Cunningham/Getty Images

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell said the quality of play improved in the Pro Bowl over last season's game. (Scott Cunningham/Getty Images

The NFL is considering major changes to the Pro Bowl, including the way the players are selected for the game and the financial rewards for the players involved.

According to, the league is not considering changing the date of the game and plans to keep it during the bye week between the conference championships and Super Bowl.

The game draws big ratings and over 12 million people saw this year's game, which was won 62-35 by the NFC.

The NFL met with the union at the combine to discuss the changes, and the parties have been cooperating with similar goals to keep the game alive and improve it in any way possible. The league hopes to have the changes in place for the spring meeting in May.