By Erin Weaver
May 03, 2013

Chicago Bulls shooting guard Luol Deng, who missed Game 6 after having a spinal tap to test for meningitis, is back in the emergency room Friday and may have to spend the night.

Deng took to Twitter on Friday to explain his Game 6 absence, upset because some speculated that he missed the game with the flu. He went to the hospital on Wednesday to get a spinal tap. Deng said he's played plenty of games in his career with the flu, and wouldn't miss a game for something minor.

The Bulls with face the Nets in Game 7 of the series on Saturday night. If medically cleared, Deng plans to fly to New York and play in Game 7. If he's unable to play in the 3-3 series tiebreaker, Jimmy Butler would start at small forward with Marco Belinelli at shooting guard.

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