By Brian Kotloff
May 12, 2013

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Chicago Blackhawks fan Donna Lebano was eight months pregnant when she went to Thursday night's first-round NHL playoff game against the Minnesota Wild.

By the second period, she began feeling contractions. Yet Lebano decided she could not leave the United Center until the Blackhawks sealed their Game 5 and series victory.

Once the 'Hawks prevailed, 5-1, on the strength of two Marian Hossa goals, she went straight to the hospital and gave birth to her second son, Owen Michael.

From ABC News in Chicago:

"No way was I leaving," Lebano said in a statement from Adventist Hinsdale Hospital. "We are a Hawks family. I had to see the end of the game."


"Owen is such a great baby, very patient. We're doing fantastic and we think of Owen as Hossa's hat trick. Two goals in a playoff game and a baby delivered moments after getting to the hospital is an epic hat trick," Lebano said. has a video segment

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