By Scooby Axson
May 13, 2013

Michigan head coach Brady Hoke is lamenting the fact that Notre Dame is going to be ending their rivalry, and let those feelings be known when speaking to a crowd in Grand Rapids, Mich. this past weekend.

After coming to an agreement to play five ACC teams every year, Notre Dame decided to pull out of the series, with their last scheduled meeting coming in the 2014 season.

Michigan does have a winning record (23-15-1) against Notre Dame in their all-time series, which dates back to 1887. Notre Dame beat Michigan 13-6 in Ann Arbor last season.

"We are fortunate to have unbelievable rivalry games at Michigan," said Hoke. "The Notre Dame game, that rivalry, which they're chickening out of. They're still going to play Michigan State, they're going to play Purdue, but they don't want to play Michigan. I don't know how they made that decision."

Below is Hoke commenting in a video made available from

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