By Brian Kotloff
May 19, 2013

(Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images) LeBron James said he didn't understand what Pacers coach Frank Vogel meant when he said of the Heat, "They're just the next team that's in our way." (Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)

LeBron James delivered a strong message to Indiana Pacers coach Frank Vogel on Sunday, three days before James' Miami Heat take on Vogel's team in the Eastern Conference Finals: "We're not just another team."

After beating the Knicks on Saturday to set up the rematch of last year's second-round series, Vogel said of the Heat, "They're just the next team that's in our way and that's how we're approaching it.''

Asked if his ears perked up when hearing that, James told reporters, "Absolutely. I'll be ready."

Fox Sports Florida's Chris Tomasson posted the full transcript of James' comments:

“We’re not just another team. I don’t understand what he’s saying. But we’re not just another team. It’s not true.’’

Another reporter asks what he said.

LeBron: “He said we’re just another team in their way. We’re not just another team. We’re a great team. We’re very confident. We’ll be ready for them. But if we’re just another team, you really don’t prepare for just another team. We’re not just another team. You got to be prepared for us.’’

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