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A-Rod's lawyer calls MLB investigation 'despicable'

Alex Rodriguez's lawyer says MLB's investigation of his clients is 'unethical' and 'despicable'. (Elsa/Getty Images)

Alex Rodriguez's lawyer called MLB investigation 'unethical and despicable. (Elsa/Getty Images)

The lawyer for New York Yankees third baseman Alex Rodriguez, who is representing him in Major Baseball's investigation of the South Florida Biogenesis clinic, said that baseball officials are acting unethical and called the investigation "despicable."

David Cornwell also represents catchers Francisco Cervelli of the Yankees and Yasmani Grandal of the San Diego Padres in the investigation and said that the information gathered by paying Biogenesis director Anthony Bosch and associates is "irreparably tainted.''

"The conduct of Major League Baseball with the Tony Bosch investigation is despicable, unethical and potentially illegal," Cornwell said to USA Today. "Paying for evidence. Offering to pay for evidence. Intimidating witnesses."

"One thing we know: that evidence is unreliable. They have tainted the evidence beyond the point that you can rely on it, from their own conduct. And it's because of this hysterical reaction to the concept [that players procured performance-enhancing drugs from Bosch's anti-aging clinic].

"It's absurd.''

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Major League Baseball is investigating up to 20 players in connection with Bosch and the clinic and wants to know if  players were given performance-enhancing drugs. MLB reportedly is looking to suspend Rodriguez, Milwaukee Brewers left fielder Ryan Braun, and others for their reported connection to Bosch.

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MLB executive vice president Rob Manfred said he welcomes the opportunity to unveil their findings. The league is preparing for what could be a protracted battle should it attempt to suspend players linked to Biogenesis. "At the conclusion of this investigation we hope that there will be a full airing of what we have learned about what Mr. Cornwell and his clients have done,'' Manfred told USA TODAY Sports, "so that the public can decide who has behaved despicably, unethically and illegally.''