Pac-12 limits full contact practices

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The Pac-12 Conference now has full-contact football practices limited to twice a week. (Associated Press)

The Pac-12 conference now has full-contract practices limited to twice a week. (Associated Press)

The Pac-12 Conference will limit full contact practices this upcoming season, citing concerns about student-athlete safety, reports

Pac-12 commissioner Larry Scott announced Friday that the conference's teams are allowed a maximum of only two full-contact practices per week during the regular season.  The only other conference to put limits on full-contact practices is the Ivy League. They also have a two per week limit.

Practices in the preseason are limited to one full-contact drill during days teams have two-a-day practices.

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Scott said the guidelines “struck a fine balance between staying healthy and staying sharp.”

"I think the new practice guidelines are a good idea,” Oregon State coach Mike Riley said. “I'm kind of glad the conference took the lead on that. This is kind of a message from our coaches.”