By Tim Polzer
August 22, 2013

Greg Little has been ticketed twice for speeding since April. (Getty Images) Greg Little has been ticketed twice for speeding since April. (Getty Images)

Browns receiver Greg Little said driving 127 miles per hour and crashing his car in April could have cost lives. Yet, he was ticketed for speeding again Monday night for driving 81 mph in a 60 mph zone and for using expired plates, according to the Cleveland Plain Dealer.

From the Plain Dealer:

"It's obviously something that I've got to take very seriously and slow my speeds down and be cautious of others on the road,'' he said today after practice. "I could have seriously put my life and other lives in danger."

Little's excuse for driving 127 mph in April was that he wasn't thinking when he pressed down that hard on the gas pedal. A police crash report via the Plain Dealer said he was drag racing at about 2:47 a.m. on April 13, in a 55 mph zone. His Audi struck a guard rail, hit a light pole and was totaled in the crash.

Little also fled the scene of the accident, according to the report.

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He was found guilty and paid a $350.00 fine. He has a Sept. 4 court date to deal with Monday night's speeding violation.

From the Plain Dealer:

"It was really just a mindless effort on my behalf and just not thinking at all, just being careless of the laws in place on the roads and just not abiding by them."

He admitted he feels lucky to be alive after the one-car crash.

"Yeah, it was a pretty traumatic experience and it's something that I learned from and I'm just trying to move forward and just learn from it,'' he said.

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