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Report: Lamar Odom missing for past three days, feared to be on 'drug binge'

Sources close to Lamar Odom worry he is hiding out while doing crack cocaine, according to a report. (Rocky Widner/Getty Images)

(Rocky Widner/Getty Images)

NBA forward Lamar Odom has "vanished" and is feared to be hiding out while on a crack cocaine binge, TMZ is reporting.

The Kardashian family has been unable to find or contact him over the past 72 hours, since wife Khloe Kardashian threw him out of their house following a failed intervention, according to the report.

TMZ reported on Saturday that Odom has had a drug problem for the past two years.

Odom's "hardcore drug abuse" has led to the deterioration of his marriage, a three-week stint in rehab last August and the Kardashian family staging an intervention, according to the report.

Though the 33-year-old Odom -- who is a free agent after playing for the Los Angeles Clippers last season -- resisted rehab, he stayed clean throughout the 2012-13 NBA season before slipping "deep back into hardcore recreational drugs," TMZ reported.


It got so bad, last August Khloe pressured Lamar to go to rehab.  Lamar went to a facility in San Diego, but he was so resistant Khloe hired private investigators to secretly stand guard at the rehab place to make sure he didn't leave.  The P.I.s stood guard 24/7.

Our sources say Lamar constantly threatened to leave and Khloe made several visits to prevail upon him to stay.  We're told after 3 weeks, Lamar left for good.

The family staged an intervention this week that Odom resisted, leading Kardashian to throw him out of the house.

We're told the situation has become dire.  Sources tell us ... within the last 2 days, the entire family staged an intervention, trying to convince Lamar to go back to rehab, but he wouldn't have any of it.

In 2001, Odom was suspended twice in the span of eight months for violating the league's anti-drug policy during his first stint with the Clippers. He recovered to eventually win two championships with the Lakers before his production dropped significantly with the Mavericks and Clippers the past two seasons.

The Clippers expressed interest in re-signing him earlier this month.

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