Jacksonville Jaguars fans to hold Tim Tebow rally

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Jacksonville Jaguars fans will hold a rally to persuade the team to sign Tim Tebow. (Jim Rogash/Getty Images)

The Patriots signed Tim Tebow to a two-year contract with no guaranteed money. (Jim Rogash/Getty Images)

A gathering of Jacksonville Jaguars fans will hold a rally petitioning the team to sign free-agent quarterback Tim Tebow.

A website under the domain jags-tebow.com says the rally will take place in the Everbank Field Stadium parking lot on Monday at 3:16 p.m. and will last three hours and 16 minutes. Tebow had inscribed the bible verse John 3:16 in his eye black during the 2009 BCS National Championship Game.

Tebow wants to "keep the NFL dream alive" and has turned down offers to play in the CFL, along with an offer from USA Rugby to change sports, Sports Illustrated's Peter King reported. Tebow only wants to play in the NFL and will return only if given the chance to play quarterback.

After being released by the New England Patriots, Tebow took to Twitter to thank Patriots owner Robert Kraft and coaches Bill Belichick and Josh McDaniels for the opportunity to play for New England. Tebow also said he will be in “relentless pursuit” of his dream of being an NFL quarterback.

Jacksonville is 0-2 and ranks 30th in total offense with 426 yards, ahead of only the Cincinnati Bengals and Pittsburgh Steelers. The Bengals and Steelers will play each other during the final game of Week 2 on Monday night.

The mission of the fan-created website:

"Make it clear, we the fans, want the Jacksonville Jaguars to bring in Tim Tebow. You know you want to see this happen."