By Tim Polzer
September 23, 2013

The NFL and the NFLPA could look at the drug policy differently in the future.  (Jason Miller/Getty Images) The NFL wants the NFLPA to agree to an 18-game schedule. (Jason Miller/Getty Images)

ProFootballTalk reports that the NFL has resumed efforts to get the NFLPA to agree to an 18-game regular season.

The union's refusal to expose players to additional injuries has been a roadblock to expanding the NFL's regular-season schedule. A possible approach could include the NFL reducing preseason games to two and adding two regular-season games -- but limiting each player's participation to 16 games.

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From ProFootballTalk:

Injuries would make those decisions easier.  Lions running back Reggie Bush, for example, already would have one of his two games off in the bank after Sunday’s decision by the team to play it safe with his knee injury.

Likewise, exceptions could be made for specialists and quarterbacks, who already have greater in-game protections and compensation than other players.

The concept would cause strong reactions, in both directions.  Though a union source has described the possibility of an 18-game season with a 16-game limit per player as “fascinating,” many fans would disagree.  Loudly.

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