Gary Kubiak to return to Texans sideline against Patriots

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Gary Kubiak has called plays from press box since returning from a mini-stroke. (Andrew Richardson/Icon SMI)

Gary Kubiak was taken to a Houston hospital after collapsing on the field.

Texans head coach Gary Kubiak has coached the last two games from the press box since returning from a mini-stroke three weeks ago. On Wednesday, Kubiak said he plans to return to sideline for the Texans' home game against the Patriots on Sunday.

Kubiak has continued his role as offensive play-caller from the press box, relaying his calls to quarterbacks coach Karl Dorrell on the sideline. He hopes returning to the sidelines to call plays directly to his quarterback will help the Texans put the brakes on a nine-game losing streak.

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From CSN Houston:

“I have every intention of being on the field,” said Kubiak, who has been in the press box because of doctor’s orders.

“I hope so,” he said. “I think I have probably a better chance than I had last weekend. That’s the way I’d answer it right now.”

will start against the Patriots