By Scooby Axson
January 10, 2014

With the second round of the playoffs set to kick off this weekend, Facebook's data editors looked at America's rooting interests for all four Divisional Round matchups.

Each map below represents a different Division Round playoff game and displays county-by-county which team in each matchup has more Facebook fans. A darker shade of a team's color means that the county strongly prefers that team, while lighter shades represent a closer race. The results show that while supporters of certain teams are concentrated regionally, others draw fans across the nation.

The Patriots, Saints, 49ers and Broncos have the most national appeal, according to the maps. Their fans extend from coast to coast, even though all four teams hail from distinctly unique metropolitan areas.

Fans of the Chargers, Panthers, Colts and Seahawks, meanwhile, are much more condensed within regions close to their home cities.

49ers vs. Panthers


Colts vs. Patriots


Saints vs. Seahawks


Chargers vs. Broncos


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