By Tim Polzer
February 12, 2014

Aaron Hernandez has been the center of an investigation following the murder of a friend. (Michael DeHoog/Sports/Getty Images) Aaron Hernandez has been jailed in the investigation of the murder of Odin Lloyd. (Michael DeHoog/Sports/Getty Images)

Recent court filings and statements made during Aaron Hernandez's latest court hearing could make his barber a key witness in the murder of Odin Lloyd, according to FOX 25 in Boston.

Hernandez is currently in jail, accused of first-degree murder in the shooting death of Lloyd last June. Hernandez has pleaded not guilty to murder and several weapons charges. Police are also reportedly investigating Hernandez in connection with a 2012 double homicide.

Robby Olivares cut Hernandez's hair at the former New England Patriots tight end's home two days before Hernandez was arrested, and FOX 25 reports the pair also had a social relationship.

FOX 25 also reports Olivares could be a witness to an outing that officials have linked to the murder of Lloyd.

"An important part of this case has to do with events that occurred at the Rumors night club," Jamie Sultan, a lawyer for Hernandez, said.

On Friday, June 14, two nights before Lloyd was executed, Lloyd and Hernandez partied at Rumor night club in Boston's Theater District. Authorities believe Lloyd revealed something at the club that caused Hernandez to no longer trust him, something so explosive that Lloyd had to die.

A security manager at Rumor claims he overheard it, and we now know Robby Olivares may have, too.

Police say Lloyd was shot five times around 48 hours after Hernandez's night at Rumors.

FOX 25 also reported on pictures posted to Olivares' Instagram account, including one photo showing Hernandez and his fiancé as well as Olivares and a woman, who is most likely his significant other.

The caption reads, "Chillin' w da wife's."

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