New Orleans police issue arrest warrant for former NFL safety Darren Sharper

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On Feb. 20, Darren Sharper pled not guilty in Los Angeles Superior Court to two counts of rape. (AFP/Getty)


New Orleans police issued an arrest warrant for former Packers, Vikings and Saints safety Darren Sharper on two charges of aggravated rape on Thursday.

Sharper is now being investigated on accusations of sexual crimes in at least eight cases in five states. An arrest warrant was also issued for 26-year-old Erik Nuñez, an acquaintance of Sharper's.

New Orleans police learned last week that two women were allegedly raped by Sharper last September. On Feb. 14, Sharper was charged in Los Angeles county with two counts of rape by the use of drugs, four counts of furnishing a controlled substance and one count of possessing a controlled substance. Last week, Miami NBC affiliate WTVJ reported Sharper was being investigated on accusations of sexual battery in Miami.

In Louisiana, a conviction for aggravated rape carries a life sentence of hard labor without parole, probation or suspension of sentence.

Police in Arizona and Las Vegas are also actively investigating allegations against Sharper.