By Stanley Kay
March 12, 2014

Darren Sharper is connected to rape or sexual assault cases in five states. (Liz O. Baylen-Pool/Getty Images) Darren Sharper is connected to rape or sexual assault cases in five states. (Liz O. Baylen-Pool/Getty Images)

An Arizona grand jury on Tuesday indicted former NFL safety Darren Sharper on two counts of sexual assault and three counts of administering dangerous drugs, according to Danny Monteverde and John Simerman of the New Orleans Advocate.

Sharper, who played 14 years in the NFL with the Packers, Vikings and Saints, is currently jailed in Los Angeles, where he has been charged with raping two women. The 38-year-old is also under investigation for sexual assault in Louisiana, Nevada and Florida. Sharper has denied the charges against him through his attorneys

Police records from the Tempe Police Department reveal details of the charges brought against Sharper in Arizona. From the New Orleans Advocate:

In a Tempe Police Department report, an Arizona woman described becoming disoriented and weak after downing 1½ vodka shots mixed by the former Saints safety at her apartment last November.

She described a friend, who had previously appeared sober, also drinking a shot provided by Sharper and then immediately sitting down on the couch and falling asleep. Sharper picked the friend up and laid her down on the couch. Later that night, the woman told police she saw Sharper naked and having sex with her friend, whom she believed was still unconscious.

A third woman, the Arizona woman’s roommate, who met Sharper in Las Vegas a year ago and described him as a friend with whom she had a sexual relationship, told police she believed he might have raped her while she lay unconscious on her bed after a November night of drinking at two clubs in Scottsdale, Ariz. That woman, described as very drunk by the time she arrived home, was put in pajamas by her friends. She woke up the next morning naked from the waist down, not remembering anything from the night before but feeling as if she’d had sex, she said during an interview with Tempe Police Department officers.

Because Sharper has been charged in multiple states, authorities will have to figure out which state will prosecute the former Pro Bowler first.

Sharper turned himself in to police in Los Angeles late last month.

USA Today Sharper told them

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