By Brendan Maloy
March 16, 2014

Andre Debose was recently granted a 6th year of eligibility by the NCAA. (Sam Greenwood/Getty Images) Andre Debose was recently granted a sixth year of eligibility by the NCAA. (Sam Greenwood/Getty Images)

Florida Gators wide receiver Andre Debose is uninjured after being pushed through a window last night while trying to stop an armed altercation, according to Gainesville police.

Debose and three others were eating dinner when the fifth-year senior began to argue with another man, and the situation quickly escalated, according to the police report.

Debose and Watkins got into an argument resulting in [Watkins] pushing Debose into a window. The glass broke, but Debose was not injured. This angered Honeycutt who retrieved a handgun and threatened Watkins with it. However, Watkins immediately took the handgun from Honeycutt and then discharged several rounds into the ground outside the house.

Honeycutt now retrieved the rifle and fired several rounds into Watkins’s SUV and into the ground in front of the house. All parties were transported to CID where GPD detectives conducted interviews. After an extensive investigation, detectives arrested Honeycutt for Aggravated Assault. All other parties were released.

Debose was erroneously cited as the aggressor in the incident due to a transcription error by the police department in the original report, but the Gainesville police quickly issued a retraction and an apology to Debose for the miscommunication.

The initial summary read that Mr. Debose, during an argument, threw another person into a window.  In fact, the names in the summary were transposed, and I did not catch the error before sending it to my local media contacts.  I did not catch the error until the wildfire had started, and now I am trying to help put that wildfire out. Mr. Debose was actually the one pushed into the glass, and in fact tried to break this altercation up multiple times during the incident.

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