By Scooby Axson
May 09, 2014

Kobe Bryant (Ronald Martinez/Getty Images) Lakers guard Kobe Bryant averaged 13.8 points in the six games he played last season. (Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)

Los Angeles Lakers guard Kobe Bryant said that he hopes that he is consulted when the team decides to choose its next coach.

Former Lakers coach Mike D'Antoni accepted a buyout last week after the team refused to exercise an option for the 2015 season.

Bryant, who only played in six games last season because of a knee injury, appeared on "Jimmy Kimmel Live" on Thursday to discuss the team's future. Asked by Kimmel whether he was happy about D'Antoni's departure, Bryant said he didn't care.

Bryant said that the Lakers didn't consult him when choosing the last two coaches, when includes Mike Brown, who lasted only 71 games with the team.

"Mike was dealt a really bad hand in dealing with all the injuries that he had here," Bryant said. "This is a tough place, man. If you're not winning, you're not going to survive, man."

The Lakers finished with a 27-55 record, the second worst in the Western Conference.

When Magic Johnson tweeted about D'Antoni's departure, Bryant said it reminded him of "The Wizard of Oz."

"The first thing I thought of was seeing the Munchkins on the Yellow Brick Road dancing and singing, 'The Wicked Witch is dead,' " Bryant said. "When he tweeted that, that song just came to mind."
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