Report: No fine or suspension coming for Serge Ibaka after groin shot to Blake Griffin

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(Stephen Dunn/Getty Images)

(Stephen Dunn/Getty Images)

Thunder Forward Serge Ibaka reportedly will not be receiving a fine or suspension for dealing a low blow to Clippers Forward Blake Griffin's groin during game four of the the teams Western Conference playoff series on Sunday, according to Marc Spears of Yahoo Sports.

The shot below the waist cam came on a play in the first quarter when Griffin posted up Ibaka  and drove toward the hoop.  When Griffin elevated toward the rim, he buckled over and fell toward the ground.

The initial replay, shown at regular speed, appeared to show Ibaka throwing a right hook into Griffin's groin, but when the play was slowed down, it showed Ibaka's arm bounce off teammate Kendrick Perkins causing the hand to knock into Griffin.

The two players have been locked up in physical battles before and this was the second time Ibaka has landed a low blow to Griffin.  He was fined $25,000 but not suspended after hitting Griffin in the groin during a game on March 3, 2013. In game three of this series, Griffin received a bloody nose when he bumped into Ibaka.

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