Pac-12 presidents want other leagues to back NCAA reform

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Pac-12 Commissioner Larry Scott supports changes to the current NCAA model. (Stephen Dunn/Getty Images)

Pac-12 Commissioner Stephen Dunn Getty Images

The presidents of Pac-12 Conference schools sent a joint letter last week to the 53 presidents of schools in the other four major Football Bowl Subdivision conferences saying they want changes to the NCAA model and autonomy for those leagues, reports The Associated Press.

The letter outlined 10 proposed changes to the NCAA model. The Pac-12 presidents say they would like a response from the presidents of the other conferences (Big Ten, Big 12, ACC, SEC) by June 4.

Among some of the proposals included in the letter: Permitting institutions to make scholarship awards up to the full cost of attendance, providing reasonable ongoing medical or insurance assistance for student-athletes who suffer an incapacitating injury in competition or practice, continuing efforts to reduce the occurrence and lasting impact of disabling injuries, and guaranteeing scholarships for enough time to complete a bachelor's degree, provided that the student remains in good academic standing.

"It is clear from the recent statements of any number of individuals," the letter reads, "that while they may share our view that labor unions are not the answer, the time has come for a meaningful response both to the student-athletes' grievances and the need to reassert the academic primacy of our mission."

The NCAA is developing a governance structure that would allow the five wealthiest conferences to make their own rules without asking for permission or receiving support from the smaller Division I schools.

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