By Marc Weinreich
June 08, 2014

Jerry Stackhouse has been on eight different team rosters since his NBA debut in 1995. (Rob Kim/Getty Images) Jerry Stackhouse played for eight teams during his NBA career. (Rob Kim/Getty Images)

Recently retired NBA veteran Jerry Stackhouse said he wants to coach in the NBA and met with Knicks president of basketball operations Phil Jackson to discuss the possibility of potentially joining New York's staff, according to a report from Brett Pollakoff of NBC Sports.

The 39-year-old two-time All-Star, who retired last year after nearly 20 years of playing in the NBA, has no coaching experience but said he'll do whatever it takes to gain credibility. He's willing to become an assistant at the college or high school level if that's what it will take to return to the league as a member of the coaching staff of an NBA team, Stackhouse said.

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He also said he had conversations with the Atlanta Hawks last summer about possibly joining the team's coaching staff, but ultimately decided against pursuing it further because he needed some time off immediately after playing for nearly two decades in the NBA.

As for next season, possibly with the Knicks, Stackhouse said he expects Jackson to first figure out who the next head coach will be, and then the two could resume conversations about bringing him on as a member of the staff:

“It’s a possibility. I think [Jackson] is still figuring it out. He doesn’t know who the head coach is going to be, but I think after that is settled, there could be some realistic possibilities.”
discuss his interest in retiring and becoming the next Knicks head coach.

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