• The Gold Cup has taken its toll on MLS teams, with play resuming during the knockout stage and shaping the standings as a result.
By Alexander Abnos
July 25, 2017

Coming back from vacation is always a bit interesting. These Power Rankings, for example, have been dormant since Week 17, with the Gold Cup and all its surrounding hoopla occupying most of everyone's attention. Now, on the eve of that tournament’s final and with eyes returning to MLS, we see a league that is slightly different than the one we left. Many of the contenders are the same, but other teams have made a claim to that category as well. Some of the teams on the bottom are making moves forward (hello, Orlando City!), while others continue to be stuck in the muck.

While the Eastern Conference currently boasts a number of the league's strongest sides, two of the league's most storied franchises are on shaky ground, suffering a series of setbacks.

The MLS XI Week 20: Petke's Presser for the Ages Marks Welcome Gold Cup Break Return

So how does the league shake out after 20 weeks of play and with the All-Star Game on the horizon? Let's get to the rankings:

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