An incredible situation took place when Operaio star Jefferson Reis was caught on camera attacking a ballboy after opponents Comercial had scored.

By 90Min
February 20, 2018

One may have heard about a football match in Brazil making headlines for having nine sending-offs in it, but it wasn't the only outrageous thing to take place on a football pitch in the South American country this weekend.

An incredible situation took place when Operaio star Jefferson Reis was caught on camera attacking a ballboy after opponents Comercial had scored.

The incident was seen by players of Comercial and the game then descended into chaos, with a number of brawls breaking out between players of both sides.

Apparently, as per the Sun, the ballboy was a youth player of Comercial and Reis' attack evidently enraged the club's senior stars.

The ballboy was able to dust himself down though and will have been thrilled with the final result - Comercial holding on to their 1-0 lead for the rest of the game to take all three points.

The Brazilian football authorities are sure to punish both clubs for their involvement, right after they deal with Vitoria and Bahia, who had nine players sent off between them just hours before Operaio-Comercial.

Bahia's Vinicius converted a penalty to equalize in the game and then goaded supporters with his goal celebration, sparking a mass brawl that saw the referee dismiss five players, and then another four received early baths for various displays of petulance.

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