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Brazilian Soccer Fan Covers His Entire Torso in Jersey Tattoo

Do you like your favorite team this much?

This hardcore soccer fan from Brazil can never take off the jersey of his favorite team. 

Maurício dos Anjos, a fan of Rio de Janeiro-based club Flamengo, is so passionate about his favorite team that he decided to cover the entire upper half of his body with a tattoo of the team’s jersey. 


It appears as though he is the second soccer fan to pull off this move, although Felipe Alvarez, supporter of Colombian side Atletico Nacional, left the white stripes on his 2010 tat open

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Dos Anjos told VICE that the tattoo took 90 hours over 32 sessions in a span of several months to complete. He initially planned to only covered part of his shoulder and chest but once the tattoo artist told him he’d do the rest of the jersey for free, dos Anjos took the plunge. 

How (and why) the premature championship tattoo became the ultimate badge of fan loyalty

It may seem extreme, but not to dos Anjos.

“People ask me if I don’t find it strange that I'm always wearing a Flamengo shirt. And I just don’t,” dos Anjos told VICE. “To me, it’s normal. But it doesn’t seem like anyone I talk to about it actually dislikes my tattoo.”

He’s getting his money’s worth, too. Dos Anjos said he never wore a shirt at home, even before the tat.