Fans Gather Outside Mo Salah's Home in Egypt After Address Leaked on Facebook

There's a lot of love for the Liverpool star out in Egypt.
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Egypt did not have the showing that it was looking for at the World Cup as it lost all three of its matches and finished last in Group A.

Still, despite being among the first teams to get eliminated from the tournament, the country still has plenty of love for its squad. Especially star scorer Mohamed Salah.

Somehow, the address of the Liverpool striker was leaked on Facebook. From there, a giant crowd of Egyptians flocked to the residence of the nation's best player.

And despite the fanfare coming through such an inappropriate method, Salah still took the time to show the fans some love.

It's a shame that this amazing display of love toward Salah and his show of appreciation had to start with somebody leaking his private information.

As much as we all love our favorite athletes, let's not try to expose their personal information on the internet where anybody could then use that information for things we might not ever think about.