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World Cup Prize Money: How Much Does the Winner Take Home?

Find out how much money the World Cup winner gets to take home in prize money.

No matter what, the France and Croatia federations will be taking home a nice chunk of change.

The winner of the 2018 World Cup will get $38 million from a $400 million FIFA prize fund, while the runner-up will get $28 million, FIFA announced back in October, 2017.

Third- and fourth-place teams will get $24 million and $22 million, respectively, putting an added bonus on the line for Belgium and England. The quarterfinalists each get $16 million, and teams eliminated in the last 16 each get $12 million.

In 2014, champion Germany received $35 million and runner-up Argentina got $25 million.

Each of the 32 nations at the World Cup was slated to receive at least $8 million, the same as in 2014 when the total prize fund was $358 million.

France and Croatia will face each other in the World Cup final Sunday at 11 a.m. ET. France advanced past Belgium, while Croatia reached its first World Cup final with a win over England in extra time in the semifinals.