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Las Vegas Soccer Team Will Let Fans Fight Over $5,000 Dropped From a Helicopter

Well that’s a better giveaway than a bobblehead. 

Las Vegas Lights FC of the USL is hoping to draw fans to the stadium with a promotion way better than a bobblehead or T-shirt giveaway. 

At the team’s game against LA Galaxy II on Sept. 8, a helicopter will drop $5,000 from the sky and 200 preselected fans will be on the field to pick up as much cash as they can. 

That sounds like it could quickly descend into anarchy. What denomination are the bills going to be? Are they worried that the wind from the chopper’s blades could blow the bills into the stands, where even more people will fight over it? Will there be a referee to hand out red cards for people who get too aggressive?

Other promotions the team is running next month include a Mexican Independence Day celebration, a tailgate for people who work in the service industry and, yes, a bobblehead giveaway. 

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