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If Atlanta United’s MLS Cup victory on Saturday introduced The A as a true soccer city, the aftermath of Monday’s championship parade cemented that status. 

Several (extremely NSFW) photos and videos circulating around social media show that the United players capped off their day-long celebration by going—MLS Cup trophy in tow—to Magic City, the legendary strip club that should be familiar to anyone who knows anything about rap music. 

The trophy, of course, ended up on stage with the dancers surrounded by dollar bills. 


It’s especially noteworthy that the team’s visit was on a Monday. As one club regular explained to GQ in 2015 (link NSFW), Magic City Mondays are when the most popular dancers and the hottest rappers come out to hear the best new music. For one night, it was also where you could party with the guys who just won Atlanta’s first big sports championship since 1995.