One of the longest running and most notable gags on The Simpsons is Bart calling up Mo’s Tavern and asking for customers with names like “Hugh Jass” and “Drew P. Weiner.” Surely there’s no way you could pull that off in real life, though, right?

Well, a group of wily teens at a low-level soccer match in England tricked the public address announcer into calling out for the owner of a car with the license plate number “NE14 ABJ.”

One of the pranksters came forward to identify himself and thankfully provided video of the announcement, which is just as hilarious as it sounded.

This is actually a fairly common prank in England. If you search Twitter, you can find dozens of examples of people getting tricking people in stadiums and grocery stores into making the very same announcement. 

The announcer at Tuesday’s AFC Fylde game probably didn’t blink because the club’s opponent was named—and this is not a joke—Ramsbottom United.