Bury FC

Bury F.C. could be expelled from the league this week, but not if the fans have anything to say about it. 

By Dan Gartland
August 27, 2019

There’s a real chance England’s Bury F.C. has played its final game, but not if the club’s fans have anything to say about it. 

The Shakers are scrambling to find a buyer that will keep the club from going out of business by the end of the day Tuesday, a process that was dealt a serious blow when a prospective buyer backed out at the last minute. Even if the club avoids going under, it still runs the risk of being expelled from the English Football League if it doesn’t get its stadium in game shape in time for Saturday’s scheduled League One match against Doncaster Rovers. 

The uncertainty around the club has forced all six games this season to be postponed. The EFL says Bury will be expelled if the upcoming game does not take place as scheduled. 

That’s where the fans come in. 

This past Saturday, the club put out a call for volunteers willing to clean the stadium so it’s presentable enough for Bury to face Doncaster.

All 11,640 seats need a clean and all four stands need sweeping out,” the club wrote on its website. “Can you help? If so, please report to the ground – armed with buckets and any cleaning materials if possible.”

One guy showed up. 

But on Tuesday, with the situation growing direr, a small army of supporters (about 400 people) descended upon Gigg Lane to get the park squeaky clean. 

They brought their own buckets and rags and bent over the scrub the grime off the seats.

A local vendor even showed up with free food for all the volunteers. 

The fans did all they could, but it might not have been enough to save the club. No buyer was found by the 5 p.m. deadline set by the league and fans were told to stop the cleaning efforts as it appeared there would be no game on Saturday after all. 

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