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Apple TV Unveils 'Ted Lasso' Season 2 Trailer, Release Date

As the soccer world is largely up in arms over news of the European Super League, Apple TV shared news on Tuesday that should spark a far more positive reaction.

The streaming service announced that season two of its hit TV show Ted Lasso will premiere on July 23. With news of the release date, came a trailer that gives viewers a peek into what life on AFC Richmond will be like in the next campaign.

The hit show, which saw actor Jason Sudeikis take home the Golden Globe for Best Actor — Television Series Musical or Comedy, tells the story of an American football coach who abruptly turns into a Premier League manager.

As Luis Miguel Echegaray wrote for Sports Illustrated last August, "It’s a story that makes you laugh and reminds you to smile at adversity. It’s a lesson that’s less about football management and more about unity, and the script works because it takes a hold of our differences and embraces them as one.

"Lasso is heroic, not because he commands respect but because he earns it. He is kind, because he doesn’t know any other way. But like us, he is also vulnerable, and that’s why we can relate to his journey."

"He’s more white rabbit than white knight, but he’s actually becoming the change he wants to see in the world, without any agenda,” Sudeikis told Sports Illustrated last summer. "And these days, that’s unusual, both in real life and on television.”

So this summer, get ready to remember what the happiest animal in the world is.

Hint, it's a goldfish.

And as Lasso himself likes to say, the latest season of the show, "Smells like potential."

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