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Taking A Closer Look At Alphonso Davies' Meteoric Rise

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The 19-year-old Canadian Alphonso Davies has been piling up the plaudits, and for good reason. His speed and an inherent ability to read the game give credence to the hype surrounding the Bayern Munich rising star.

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Luis Miguel Echegaray: When Bayern Munich defeated Borussia Dortmund earlier this week, it further secured its lead at the top of the table. Yet, it also brought out another storyline, one that's been building up even before the outbreak, and that's the rise of Alphonso Davies, the impressive 19-year-old left-back.

Alphonso Davies had already made headlines last year when he became the club's youngest scorer in almost 20 years. Under Hansi Flick, there's been a revolution in his game and he has now fully integrated himself as a dangerous fullback. His pace, as we saw this week, is frightening. After the victory, Thomas Muller called him the club's version of "The Road Runner," yet there's so much more to his game than velocity. Davies is an ultra reactive player who can quickly adapt to vulnerable situations. 

On Tuesday, Dortmund had hoped to get the best out of him with a doubling up from the team's right-sided players but they couldn't contain him. However, there is obviously still room for improvement, including his decision making and releasing the ball quicker in order to control possession. The 19-year-old has a lot of time to get better and if you're an opponent who plays on the right side, that's a scary thought. The future of the left-back role is here, and his name is Alphonso Davies.

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