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Peloton Instructor Alex Toussaint Rides With 27,000 For Jordan's "Last Dance"

Peloton senior instructor Alex Toussaint is a budding celebrity fitness trainer with a legion riding along with him. Corey Parson sits down with him to discuss Peloton, his 27,000 fans riding with MJ and some thoughts on Cam Newton

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought the world of sports to a halt. Even though games are not being played, professional athletes must continue to train.

Senior Peloton instructor Alex Toussaint has become the go-to guy for many professional athletes. Guys like Patrick Mahomes, Roger Federer, and some of the Golden State Warriors ride with the 27-year-old native New Yorker.

I had a chance to interview Toussaint and ask him about his celebrity status in the fitness community. Alex was not always the star he is today. He had to struggle and deal with many disappointments to move forward with his career. Ultimately, he says those struggles shaped him. Toussaint tries to teach his community to have a "Game 7" mentality. He wants to impart a mindset that so much about the workouts are not about the physical state, but the mental state.

Last year, Toussaint hosted then-Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton for an in-studio ride. Unfortunately, Newton was released by the Panthers earlier this year. When I asked Toussaint about Newton not currently being on a team, he wasn't worried. He said the free-agent quarterback has hard work and faith on his side. Newton will find that in the end, his new team will be the best situation for him.

Outside of the NFL, Toussaint is a huge NBA fan. In fact, his own hoop dreams never quite panned out in, but he grew up idolizing guys like Shaquille O'Neal and the late Kobe Bryant. His favorite player was former Miami Heat star, Dwyane Wade.

Over this past weekend, Alex hosted a ride to celebrate the final two episodes of the ESPN documentary, "The Last Dance." Over 20,000 people joined the workout and rode with him. As a lifelong Michael Jordan fan, Toussaint said that was his "championship moment."