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On this week's episode, Jon Wertheim talks with Brett Haber from Indian Wells on what his sportscasting career, Maria Sharapova and more. 

By SI.com Staff
March 17, 2016

On this week's episode of the SI Tennis Beyond the Baseline Podcast, Sports Illustrated executive editor and host Jon Wertheim talks with Brett Haber.  

Wertheim talks with Haber about how he started his career and got into being a sportscaster, and into tennis specifically. Haber talks about how he prepares to call a tennis match and his process for gathering information, stats and background information on players. He also talks about how calling other sports has helped him when he is calling a tennis match today. They also talk about the rising young American players, such as Taylor Fritz. 

The pair also talks about the Maria Sharpova doping admission and the news surrounding the story. Haber gives his opinion on the situation and suggests an appropriate suspension for Sharapova.

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Also on the podcast, Haber and Wertheim discuss the rationale for a broadcaster to stay quiet and not talk during a point in a match.

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