On the Beyond the Baseline Podcast, Sports Illustrated executive editor, Tennis Channel commentator and host Jon Wertheim takes fans between the lines with tennis commentary and exclusive interviews with the top players and newsmakers on the ATP and WTA tours.

On the latest edition of the Beyond the Baseline Podcast, host Jon Wertheim talks with Universal Tennis Rating CEO Mark Leschly. 

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Wertheim talks with Leschly, a successful college tennis player at Harvard, a former ATP pro and member of the Danish Davis Cup team and a member of the USTA Foundation Advisory Board and USTA Player Development Council, about his new role as the principal owner of Universal Tennis Rating, which is an algorithm-based rating system between 1-16 that reflects level of play, based on competition, scores and recent matches. It aims to provide tennis players across age, geography, gender and economics with a common language and standard. Leschly explains in detail what the ranking system is exactly, how it works, how it impacts professional, college and recreational players and coaches, how it relates to handicaps in golf, how it compares to the WTA and ATP rankings and points system and more.

Wertheim and Leschly also discuss the new Universal Tennis partnership with Tennis Channel, which will make UTR an integrated part of on-air broadcasts throughout 2018. 

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