On the Beyond the Baseline Podcast, Sports Illustrated executive editor, Tennis Channel commentator and host Jon Wertheim takes fans between the lines with tennis commentary and exclusive interviews with the top players and newsmakers on the ATP and WTA tours.

On the latest edition of the Beyond the Baseline Podcast, host Jon Wertheim talks with Michael Stich.

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Stich joins the podcast following the 2018 Australian Open and the announcement of his election to the International Tennis Hall of Fame in 2018. Wertheim and Stich, who won Wimbledon in 1991 and reached the finals at the U.S. Open in 1994 and at Roland Garros in 1996, discuss the Hall of Fame voting and induction process, how Stich found out he was a 2018 inductee, the difference between the value of the "Hall of Fame" in the U.S. vs. Europe and other countries and more. Stich also looks back and reflects on his career, discusses the highlight he'll remember most and his current work with the Michael Stich Foundation, which provides campaigns for HIV-infected, HIV-affected, and AIDS-suffering children.

Also on the podcast, Stich talks about what he thinks of the current game, including veterans such as Roger Federer and Novak Djokovic, and Next-Gen players such as Nick Kyrgios and Alexander Zverev.

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