On this week's episode, ITF president Dave Haggerty discusses the proposed Davis Cup changes and what comes next in the process. 

By Jon Wertheim
March 08, 2018

On the Beyond the Baseline Podcast, Sports Illustrated executive editor, Tennis Channel commentator and host Jon Wertheim takes fans between the lines with tennis commentary and exclusive interviews with the top players and newsmakers on the ATP and WTA tours.

On the latest edition of the Beyond the Baseline Podcast, host Jon Wertheim talks with David Haggerty.

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From the BNP Paribas Open in Indian Wells, Wertheim talks with ITF president Haggerty about the recently proposed changes to Davis Cup, which would transform the event into a one-week, one-location, 18-nation World Cup of Tennis with a $20 million purse. The revamp means the event would take place over seven days in the traditional week of the Davis Cup final, rather than across four weekends in February, July, September and November. 

Haggerty addresses the old model and the reasons why the format needed to change; what the response has been from players, media and fans since the proposal was released; his thoughts on the new model and why it will appeal to nations, top players and more; logistics of the new event, including how many courts will be needed, what venues and cities could handle this type of event; the financial breakdown of prize money and other aspects of the event; and much more.

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