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T-Pain Says an ‘Old Lady’ Thought He and His Friends Were The New Day

T-Pain would be a good wrestler name, but he’s not in The New Day. 

Here’s a tip: If you run into a celebrity at the airport, make sure you correctly identify which celebrity it is. 

T-Pain was walking through New York’s LaGuardia airport on Thursday with his body guard and manager when he was stopped by a woman who thought she recognized him. 

Was she a fan of his music? No. She thought the trio of men was a pro wrestling stable. 


While the resemblance to The New Day is superficial at best, T-Pain and his crew would make a pretty good WWE trios team. Bodyguard Chris Britto has the look and T-Pain already has a pretty solid ring name. Plus, imagine how awesome his promos would be if he just started singing.