See the First Trailer for HBO’s Andre the Giant Documentary

Here is the first peek at the long-awaited Andre the Giant documentary.
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More than two years after the first rumblings that it was in the works, we finally have a look at HBO’s documentary on Andre the Giant. 

HBO officially announced the project in February, with WWE, Bill Simmons Media Group and HBO Sports collaborating as co-producers of the film. Jason Hehir will direct.

The teaser trailer released Friday doesn’t offer much—it’s just a narrator declaring over clips of Andre wrestling, “He was a god, literally the biggest celebrity in the world. He is at once a real human but at the same time a mythological figure.” 

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It’s also unclear whether the film has a title yet. The YouTube title of the teaser puts “He Was A God” in quotes as though it might be a title, though that may just be a way to distinguish it from future trailers. The Ringer, in which HBO is an investor, put “Andre the Giant” in quotes in its headline as if that might be the title. 

At any rate, with a stable of accomplished filmmakers at the helm, the doc should be something for wrestling fans to look forward to. It’s slated for a release some time this spring.