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CM Punk Testifies Under Oath That His Name Stands for ‘Chick Magnet’

CM Punk has given many explanations for what CM stands for, but you can’t do that under oath. 

CM Punk has spent more than a decade trolling everyone who asks what his initials stand for. 

“I tell people it stands for C. Montgomery Burns, as in Mr. Burns from The Simpsons,” Punk told IGN in 2006. “I tell people they are initials for my real name, Chuck Mosley, which is not true at all. I’ll say it stands for Crooked Moonsault, Charles Manson. Cookie Monster is another good one.”

Nine years after that interview, before a UFC weigh-in, he came up with an alterate explanation for the Chuck Mosley abbreviation.

He has also said it stands for “Chicago Made,” among other things. Making up explanations for the name just became part of the character. But Punk has never given an interview like the one he did Friday in a Chicago courtroom, where he and Colt Cabana are in the midst of a $1 million defamation lawsuit against a WWE doctor. Punk took the stand in the morning and was asked under oath what the name meant. 

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Punk has offered up the Chick Magnet explanation before, too. 

“Originally it stood for Chick Magnet,” he explained in that same IGN interview. “I got put into a tag team with this other dude on a whim because somebody didn't show up to a show. It was only supposed to be a one-shot deal, I wasn't even ready to wrestle yet, I didn't have gear or anything, they just put me in the ring and beat the crap out of me. I had to come back the next month and the next month and it was something that stuck. I tried to get rid of it, and it wound up getting shortened to the initials. I was always Punk, but Chick Magnet at least got shortened to CM.”

Given the variety of backstories he’s given, it would have been only logical to doubt the Chick Magnet story at the time. But now it sounds like we know for sure. Sworn testimony is the ultimate shoot interview.