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David Arquette Left With Neck Gash After Wrestling in Graphic Deathmatch

Actor David Arquette's latest appearance on the pro wrestling circuit produced a bizarre, bloody finish on Friday night.

Actor David Arquette was bloodied and battered during a wrestling deathmatch event on Friday night at Joey Janela's L.A. Confidential.

Arquette fought Nick Gage, who bashed the actor on the head with light tubes. Arquette exited the ring before returning and reportedly cursed out Gage.

(Warning: The videos included below are graphic and are N.S.F.W.)

Arquette, who won the WCW World Heavyweight Championship 18 years ago, returned to the wrestling scene earlier this year. He was a last-minute replacement for Joey Ryan, who missed the event with a torn pectoral muscle.

On Saturday, Arquette posted a series of tweets indicating he was fine.