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‘Cero Miedo’: The Mantra That Binds Pentagon Jr. and George Kittle

49ers star George Kittle borrowed his first down celebration from AEW’s Pentagon Jr.—and the admiration is mutual.

The San Francisco 49ers look to tie the NFL record with their sixth Super Bowl victory this Sunday. The 49ers will be tested against the Kansas City Chiefs’ explosive offense in a game that will determine the most dominant football team in the world.

Unlike the Chiefs, the 49ers will enter the game with support from one of the world’s most feared luchadores, All Elite Wrestling star Pentagon.

“The 49ers are going to win the Super Bowl and George Kittle is going to be the star,” said Pentagon, whose interview was translated from Spanish. “I already sent him my best wishes.”

Kittle, a Pro Bowl tight end for the Niners, is a passionate wrestling fan. He often attends WWE events, even if it means rushing there from a game, and has been known to get in the ring himself back home in Iowa. He also puts his wrestling fandom on display on the field. His first down celebration is a tribute to Pentagon’s “Cero Miedo” finger gesture, which means “zero fear.” 

“Two years ago in New Orleans, I went to WrestleMania and I saw him wrestle like six different times at a bunch of different shows,” Kittle told reporters this week. “His swagger in the ring, his confidence, just kind of stuck with me. Wrestling is something that I love and enjoy, too, so seeing that in the ring and how he holds himself and how he enters the ring, how he leaves the ring—everything he does has purpose and I love that.”

Kittle has been fearless throughout his career, particularly this season, as a threat both. blocking and receiving. Pentagon expressed amazement that his trademark will be on display in America’s biggest game, the Super Bowl.

“It is an honor that an athlete like George would do that during a game,” said Pentagon, who, per lucha tradition, does not reveal his name or age in interviews. “I have a lot of respect for him as an athlete, and even more as a person since we became friends.”

Kittle and Pentagon developed a bond after WrestleMania weekend two years ago in New Orleans. Kittle found himself amazed with the compelling nature of Pentagon’s matches, and the two have since built a friendship through their admiration for each other’s dedication to his craft. Following that weekend, they exchanged gifts–a Niners jersey for Pentagon, and a luchador mask for Kittle. It would be incredibly meaningful to see Kittle drop a “Cero Miedo” during the Super Bowl.

Split image of AEW wrestler Pentagon Jr. and George Kittle doing the "Cero Miedo" celebration

One of the emerging stars for All Elite Wrestling, Pentagon has primarily wrestled as part of a tag team with his real-life brother Rey Fenix. But there is no doubt that he can be one of the promotion’s breakout singles stars. Pentagon works a vicious and believable style in the ring, able to work opponents over on the mat while also hanging out among the higher frequencies with his aerial maneuvers.

“It was always my dream to be loved, not only in Mexico, but also here in the United States,” said Pentagon. “Thank you to all the people who are here today to see that I did it.”

No stranger to high-pressure situations throughout his career in Mexico and the United States, Pentagon is confident that the 49ers will be crowned champions because he has witnessed Kittle’s unrelenting pursuit of greatness. And Pentagon gave his blessing to use the “Cero Miedo” trademark, a sign that he believes his friend is destined for greatness.

“He put in the preparation and he has the capability,” said Pentagon. “I think George Kittle is going to make history in the Super Bowl.”

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