The Rock and the Mount Rushmore of Wrestling: Unchecked

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The Rock is right when it comes to the Mount Rushmore of wrestling.

Other than not including himself. Though he’s almost bigger than the business at this point and probably also on the Mount Rushmore of universally beloved humans. 

But there’s only one objective Mount Rushmore when it comes to professional wrestling..."The Great One" himself, Stone Cold Steve Austin, Hulk Hogan and Ric Flair. Those are the top guys in the history of the industry and there’s really not much of an argument. However, it wouldn’t be fun to stop there so I have to give you my personal top four as well.

First there’s my GOAT—"The Heartbreak Kid" Shawn Michaels. HBK could have a great match with anyone whether a technical master or a lumbering big. He was also very good on the mic and has an iconic theme song. My only complaint is that he would telegraph Sweet Chin Music by stomping on the mat. Doesn’t make any sense.

Next—The Undertaker. Now I must admit my opinion on this has shifted very recently but that’s because my son has taken a liking to the Taker and I’ve been able to see how his entrance has left a generational imprint. Which I suppose shows you the power of the darkness. And after recently watching Undertaker vs Michaels at WrestleMania’s 25 and 26 with my kid I wasn’t going to make this list without including him. 

Then I have to go back to Stone Cold and The Rock. As someone who definitely wore an Austin 3:16 shirt to high school and even attempted an open button down with sunglasses tilted below my eyes I’d raise an eyebrow if anyone undersold the impact of those two. They were the coolest thing in the world during that run. 

There it is my WWE Mount Rushmore. Insert your favorite wrestling catchphrase here