WrestleMania 36 a Firefly Funhouse: Unchecked

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WrestleMania 36 was great, considering the circumstances. (Considering the circumstances is something I've been saying a lot lately.) I’m definitely glad they went through with it. And not because Rob Gronkowski became the new 24/7 champion.

But because it just felt good to have something to cheer for. Now when it became clear they were going forward and given his track record I’m sure many thought of Vince McMahon the way his puppet was portrayed on the show and I’m not saying those concerns were wrong.

However, they sold it as a distraction for fans and it sure was nice to escape to a Firefly Funhouse while stuck in mine. 

The event wasn’t perfect, but two things really worked: the wrestling and the innovation. Without anyone in attendance the onus was on the performers in the ring and I came away with a renewed appreciation for just how skilled they are at their craft. And then there was the masterclass that was the Boneyard and Funhouse matches. The WWE used the post production opportunity to basically make the equivalent of a straight to DVD Undertaker action movie and perhaps attempt getting an Emmy through a maniacal John Cena career retrospective.

I’m sure WrestleMania 36 will always serve as a time capsule of sorts, as I know when I see a clip I’ll remember exactly where I was and why. I certainly appreciated the entertainment and the bit of hope we can eventually return to some version of normalcy, as abnormal as the WWE can be.